Did You Know Using Essential Oils On Your Dryer Balls Can Be Flammable?

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Did you know essential oils on your dryer balls can be flammable?

Dryer balls are great and help reduce static and drying time but you should be careful when adding essential oils to them since it’s a potential fire risk!


Essential oils have flashpoints, which is the temperature at which the oils will turn into vapor, with the potential of heat or another ignition source causing a fire.

While dryers can range in temperature, most tend to get to around 125 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. A lot of common fragrances (such as citrus) have flashpoints in the 105-130°F range. As you can see, this does put them in the potential danger zone!

Try this instead...

The safest (and most fragrant) option would be to lightly spritz laundry with 100% plant-based Grow Fragrance as it comes out of the dryer! 

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