Wildflower Rain
Candle Set

Notes of fresh waterlily, honeysuckle & lilac

Candle set includes one Wildflower Rain candle insert and a refillable candle vessel.

Grow Fragrance is modern home fragrance that is
100% plant-based, toxin free & safe for your home.

Made with 100% Plant Based Ingredients

  • Cupressus Sempervirens Oil  (Cypress)
  • Cyperus Scariosus Oil  (Cypriol)
  • Citrus Aurantifolia Oil  (Lime)
  • Methylbenzyl Acetate  (Naturally found in gardenia)
  • Indole  (Naturally found in jasmine)
  • Benzyl Acetate  (Naturally occurring in jasmine)
  • Geranyl Acetate  (Naturally found in neroli)
  • Benzyl Salicylate  (Naturally occurring in ylang-ylang)
  • Hexenol-3-Cis  (Naturally found in honeysuckle)
  • Linalool  (Naturally found in lavender)
  • Longifolene  (Naturally occurring in pine resin)
  • Terpineol  (Naturally found in freesia flowers)
  • Camphene  (Naturally occurring in pine trees)
  • Citronellol  (Naturally occurring in geranium)
  • Eugenol  (Naturally found in thyme)
  • Dimethyl Heptenal  (Naturally occuring in ginger)
  • Methyl Anthranilate  (Naturally occurring in jasmine)
  • Phenethyl Acetate  (Naturally occurring in pineapple)
  • Phenylethyl Alcohol  (Naturally found in almond)
  • Soy Wax
Candle Dimensions

Vessel: 3.25in wide, 3.5in tall
Insert: 3in wide, 3in tall

Burn Time

6.5 oz  ·  40-45 hour burn time

Small Batch

Made in small batches in Durham, NC

100% Plant-based

Smells like nature because it comes from nature — certified 100% plant-based ingredients.

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Ingredient Transparency

To feel good about a product, you need to know what's in it, and what's not.

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Toxin Free

None of the harmful chemicals found in traditional petroleum-based products.

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Wildflower Rain for Every Room

Get this 100% plant-based fragrance as a spray.

Get the Spray
Wildflower Rain Air + Fabric Spray

A sustainable alternative to single-use candle jars

Instead of the traditional single-use candle jars that end up in landfills, this candle set comes with a reusable vessel designed to last, and you can swap out the non-toxic scents with recyclable aluminum refills. (No cleaning required!)

Packed with ONLY the Good Stuff

Unlike candles that claim to be "made from essential oils" but are mostly synthetic chemicals with just 1% actual oils, Grow scents are crafted with real essential oils, plant extracts, and nothing artificial!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

WOW! This candle literally smells exactly like it sounds! Especially the wildflower part. The rain, is an after-thought. (We always smell the wild flowers before the rain)The rain part just brings it home. It comes together well. I’ve never smelled a more natural scented candle. However, I noticed, and I’ve read reviews regarding; the strength of the fragrance( not the wildflower).
I hate to add any negative feedback, because I am so in love with these candles. But, here goes.. I noticed when I burn the candle out of the vessel it’s more aromatic, as opposed to burning it in the vessel. Don’t get me wrong, The vessel is well made and very nice. Also, that’s just my preference. So, please try burning the candle without the vessel, so you can enjoy the experience you were looking for. Or, maybe it’s just not the right scent for you.

Lacking Scent

I don’t want to say anything negative because I do like my room spray/fabric spray but the candle is not on their level. It doesn’t really give the room a scent. If I didn’t know I lit it, I would think I didn’t. The vessel is nice quality. I want to try a different candle. Perhaps the others have a notable scent.

Can't Smell the Candle

The candle is hard to smell unless you stick your nose into it. I do love grow fragrance products and will continue to purchase from them, but this one was a little disappointing because I love gardenias!

Not as fragrant as the spray

Unfortunately, this candle does not carry much scent in my opinion. I was really looking forward to it and was a little disappointed in the lack of fragrance it had when burning.

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