Classic Discovery Set
Air + Fabric Spray Sampler

Try all four classic 100% plant-based fragrances, perfect for both travel and your car!

Our fragrances are crafted using 100% plant-based ingredients to bring you pure peace of mind.

Pack Contains: Bamboo, Black Currant Rose, Cedar Citrus & Lavender Blossom.

Grow Fragrance is modern home fragrance that is
100% plant-based, toxin free & safe for your home.

Spray Dimensions

Height: 5.2in  ·  Width: 1.3in each

~200 Sprays each

2 oz  ·  Reusable sprayers

100% Plant-based

Smells like nature because it comes from nature — certified 100% plant-based ingredients.

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Ingredient Transparency

To feel good about a product, you need to know what's in it, and what's not.

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Toxin Free

None of the harmful chemicals found in traditional petroleum-based products.

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Fragrance for Every Room

Get this 100% plant-based fragrance as a air + fabric spray set.

Get the Air + fabric spray set
Classic Spray Set

The Truth about Fragrance

The majority of fragrances on the market are loaded with synthetic, artificial, and even toxic ingredients.

When fragrances boast of being "Made with Essential Oils", "Natural", or "Clean & Safe"...

How do you really know if they're safe if they don't share their ingredients?

You Deserve to Know What's Inside

In many cases, these fragrances contain only a tiny 1% of genuine essential oils, while a whopping 99% is made up of synthetic petrochemicals.

At Grow Fragrance, we believe in full transparency and using 100% plant-based ingredients, so you can enjoy genuinely clean and safe scents for your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

I liked all of the scents. I will be purchasing a full size of a few once we run out.

Even better than I hoped!

I’ve been wanting to try Grow’s products for years and finally purchased this sample pack to see what scents we like and if the sprays work well. tl;dr they exceeded my hopes!

The scents are lovely and light and they quickly cover unpleasant smells! They don’t last forever, which I think is a positive! If you’ve cut out harmful fragrance (like Febreeze) from your life, you’re going to love these! If you’re still using highly fragranced products, you may have some adjustment as these are much lighter. I honestly didn’t think they would cover bad smells but was so impressed how they do! A safer choice all around. Can’t wait to try more scents and products from Grow!

Lavender was my favorite

I bought sample pack because I've had the Beach scent before and loved it. I didn't like the fruity scents as they seemed to sweet for my taste. Lavender was the most natural and not too strong. Wish they'd bring back the beach scent. I might try the other sample pack to compare.



Absolutely lovely scent, wonderful customer service, quick shipping, and great company all around.

I have been on the hunt for a truly great home scent that is natural and ethically sourced. The prices, ingredient transparency, and variety of scents sold me. They smell so much better than I even expected and go beyond some of the more generic essential oil sprays in terms of complexity. It smells clean and lasts all day as well!
I accidentally put in the wrong shipping address, and I was kindly and quickly responded to and received my order quickly.
I will be happy to support this business going forward! I can’t wait to try other products.
Fragrance seems like a small thing to be so excited about, but it can really bring so much joy and set the mood.
I will swear by this brand going forward!

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