What's the Difference Between 'Natural' and 100% Plant-Based?

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An all-natural claim was at the heart of creating our product when we initially began our work, however as we dug into it, we soon realized that a clear and universally agreed-upon definition of "all-natural" doesn't currently exist. 

"Natural" and other Greenwashing Terms

The term “natural” actually isn’t a regulated term in the fragrance industry and doesn’t tell you anything about the product!

“Made with essential oils” often means 1% essential oils and 99% synthetic petrochemicals. Other greenwashing catch phrases include ‘natural’, ‘plant-based’, ‘plant-derived’ and ‘thoughtfully chosen ingredients’.

All of these things are great, but only when the claims can be backed up and proven true!

The Fragrance Loophole

Fragrance is considered a “trade secret” under the Fair Packaging and Labeling act of 1966, allowing companies to refrain from listing ingredients, so other companies can’t knock off their formulas. (The truth is that if someone wants to copy a fragrance, they can do it pretty easily!)⁠

Unfortunately, this gives brands an opportunity to add cheap (and sometimes toxic) chemicals to their products in order to make a scent stronger or last for longer.⁠

Most of us want products that are safer, simpler, and closer to nature but some products that claim to be, actually aren't.

Because of this, we decided that we would build our product on something that could be clearly understood, defined, and validated.

Certified 100% Plant-Based

Our 100% plant-based claim means that every ingredient in our product is based on a plant source and this is verified through bio-based carbon testing.

We think categorizing our product as a 100% plant-based air freshener versus an all-natural air freshener provides you with better and clearer information to help make a purchase choice!

With a unique farm-to-table approach to fragrance, we rely on real ingredients from nature and what’s in season to offer you home fragrance that’s safer and more natural, without compromising on beautiful scent.

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