Spring Cleaning Guide: Scents for Every Room

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Let's talk about spring cleaning the easy and healthy way! Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a healthy and inviting home with 100% plant-based sprays and candles.

In this room-by-room guide, we’ll show you how to easily add 100% plant-based fragrances into your spring cleaning routine with scents tailored to each space to make sure you get the perfect Spring vibe. Let's get started!

1. Living Room: Relax + Unwind with Lavender Blossom

Let's start with the living room! This is where we relax and unwind after a long day, so it's important to set the mood with a relaxing scent like lavender. Lavender is known for its calming properties, helping to soothe your mind and ease stress. It's also great for promoting restful sleep, making it perfect for your evening routine.

Try the Lavender Blossom candle or room spray from Grow Fragrance. You'll be feeling calm and relaxed in no time!

2. Kitchen: Keep it Fresh with Bamboo

The kitchen is where we prepare our meals, so it's important to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Use our Bamboo candle or room spray, with notes of green foliage, citrus, and pink peppercorn, to keep the air smelling clean and inviting.

Citrus scents like the one in Bamboo are known for their energizing properties, helping to uplift your mood and improve concentration. The green foliage notes in this scent provide a refreshing and crisp scent, while the pink peppercorn adds a subtle spice.

The Bamboo candle or natural air freshener is the perfect way to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean during your spring cleaning routine.

3. Bedroom: Create a Cozy Atmosphere with Blondewood

We all need a cozy and comforting space to rest and recharge, and our Blondewood candle can help you achieve just that. With notes of vanilla bean, shea butter, teakwood, and almond, this warm scent creates a peaceful and inviting environment that's perfect for bedtime.

Vanilla is known for its calming properties, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The almond and shea butter notes in the Blondewood candle add an extra layer of comfort, while the teakwood provides a subtle grounding effect.

The Blondewood candle or air and fabric spray is the perfect choice for your nighttime routine, helping to promote restful sleep and relaxation.

4. Bathroom: Clean and Refresh with Wildflower Rain


Use the Wildflower Rain candle or room spray, with notes of fresh waterlily, honeysuckle, and lilac, to refresh the air and create a clean environment. The floral notes in this scent provide a fresh and invigorating aroma, while the waterlily adds a subtle touch of sweetness.

It's perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. So, make sure to add the Wildflower Rain scent to your spring cleaning routine!

5. Home Office: Improve Focus with Agave Mint


Your office should be the kind of space that's energizing and inspiring, and just makes you feel unstoppable.

With fresh mint, sweet agave, and a hint of fennel, Agave Mint gives you the energy boost you need to conquer your to-do list. The peppermint in this scent is known for its invigorating properties, helping to improve mental clarity and boost energy levels. Additionally, the fennel notes in Agave Mint add an extra layer of complexity to the scent, promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.

So, add the Agave Mint scent to your routine and create the perfect atmosphere for productivity!

Add Plant-Based Scents to Your Spring Routine

Incorporating 100% plant-based sprays and candles into your spring cleaning routine is an easy way to refresh your home and create a healthy environment. With scents specifically tailored for each room, you can set the mood and create a welcoming space. So what are you waiting for? Get to spritzing and lighting those candles, and let's make this spring cleaning easy and enjoyable!

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