Can I Burn Candles Around My Baby? A Guide to Safe Candle Use

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Safe Candle Use in Nursery: Creating a Serene Environment for New Moms. Discover Gift Ideas for New Mothers in this Comprehensive Guide."

When you've got a little one in the house, safety is always a top priority. One common question that pops up for parents is whether it's safe to have those cozy candles flickering around the baby.

We get it; you want a nice atmosphere, but you also want your baby to be safe and sound. In this guide, we'll break down the ins and outs of lighting candles with a baby around and help you choose the best, safest options.

Quick FAQS

Can I burn a candle with a baby in the house?
Yes, you can, but moderation is key. If you want to enjoy scented candles and air fresheners, consider 100% plant-based non-toxic options like Grow Fragrance for a safer choice that aligns with a healthier lifestyle.
What candles are safe to burn around babies?
Opt for candles that are 100% plant-based and non-toxic. These candles, like those offered by Grow Fragrance, are crafted without harmful chemicals, making them a safe choice to burn around your little one.

What Candles to Avoid Around Babies?

Avoid candles with paraffin wax, as it can release harmful chemicals when burned. Be cautious of those with synthetic fragrances, which may contain phthalates, and steer clear of candles with lead wicks that can emit tiny lead particles when lit.

Is It Safe To Light Candles Around a Baby?

The answer isn't a simple yes or no. It depends on a few things: the type of candles you're using and how careful you are.

What Candles Are Safe to Burn?

Aromatic Grow Fragrance candle on a cozy shelf with books - A thoughtful gift idea for new mothers concerned about safe candle use around their baby.

The safe candles to burn around your baby are the ones made from good, natural stuff. Look for candles that tick these boxes:

  1. Soy Wax, Coconut or Beeswax: These natural waxes are non-toxic and produce minimal soot and toxins when burned. Look for candles made from 100% soy, coconut, or beeswax, not wax blends that can contain paraffin wax! (Labels can sometimes say 'soy wax blend')

  2. Ingredient Transparency: Opt for brands that provide full ingredient transparency, allowing you to know exactly what you're bringing into your home.
  3. No Lead in the Wicks: Make sure the wicks in your candles are lead-free. Lead in wicks can release harmful fumes.

  4. Essential Oils and Plant Extracts for Scent: Candles scented with essential oils and plant extracts are a healthier choice than those with synthetic fragrances.

  5. No Added Dyes: If you can find candles without dyes, that's even better. Dyes can add extra chemicals you don't want in the air.

  6. Claims Certifications:  Look for brands that share reputable third-party tests. In the hectic pace of modern life, we don’t always have the time to read carefully, and some companies take advantage of that. Some examples: "Clean & safe" is a unregulated term and without any third-party certifications that doesn't mean much. As well as “Contains essential oils" often means 1% essential oils and 99% synthetic petrochemicals.

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What Candles to Avoid Around Babies?

Safe Candle Use: Floating Smoke From Non-Toxic Candle. Learn How to Keep Your Baby's Environment Healthy and Welcoming. The Perfect Gift Guide for New Mothers.

Stay away from candles that have:

  1. Paraffin Wax: Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum and can release toxic chemicals when burned.

  2. Synthetic Fragrances: Artificial fragrances often contain phthalates and other harmful compounds.

  3. Lead Wicks: Candles with lead wicks can give off tiny lead particles when they burn. Not good.

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Can Smells Harm a Newborn Baby?

Safe Candle Burning: Smoke from Non-Harmful Candle. Tips for a Healthy and Inviting Environment for Your Baby. Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Babies have sensitive little noses, and strong or toxic smells can sometimes bother them. While a mild scent here and there usually won't hurt, it's smart to be cautious with the strong stuff.

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What Candles Are Baby-Friendly?

Explore Safe Candle Use: Is Candle Smoke Toxic? | Discover if it's safe to use fragrance candles around your baby. Ideal for new mothers and thoughtful gift-givers seeking safe and soothing options

At Grow Fragrance, our story started just like yours. We're parents who wanted our homes to smell amazing but didn't want to expose our families to harmful chemicals. Here's why Grow Fragrance candles are a safe bet for your baby:

  1. A Family's Safety Comes First: We started Grow Fragrance with a mission to provide a safe for our own families, ensuring that your family can enjoy the same safety.

  2. 100% Plant-Powered: Our candles are made from 100% plant-based ingredients, which means no sneaky synthetic chemicals to worry about.

  3. Plants and Essential Oils for Scents: We use natural essential oils and plant extracts for our fragrance, so your baby gets a gentle and safe aroma.

  4. Clean Burning: Our candles produce very little soot and emissions, so they won't fill your baby's lungs with ickiness.

  5. Full Ingredient Transparency: We believe in telling you exactly what's in our candles, just like we'd want for our own families.

By picking Grow Fragrance candles, you can enjoy a beautifully scented home while knowing you're keeping your baby safe. Our candles aren't just products; they're a way to create a cozy, baby-friendly atmosphere that's safe and delightful for your family.

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Where Should I Burn Candles?

When it comes to burning candles around your baby, location matters a lot. You should never place a burning candle within your child's reach, as there's a risk they could accidentally knock it over and get burned by the hot wax, or even worse, cause a fire.

Candle Safety Guide: Is Candle Smoke Harmful? | Learn about using scented candles near your baby. Valuable advice for new moms and thoughtful gift shoppers

Here are some essential safety tips for candle placement:

  1. Elevated Surfaces: Opt for elevated surfaces like mantels, shelves, or tables that are out of your baby's reach. Ensure these surfaces are stable and secure.

  2. Away from Curtains and Drapes: Keep candles away from curtains, drapes, or any other flammable materials that could catch fire if the candle tips over.

  3. Secure Candle Holders: Use sturdy candle holders that won't easily topple. Ensure the candle is securely placed in the holder.

  4. No Drafty Areas: Avoid placing candles in drafty areas where sudden gusts of air can cause them to flicker wildly or even go out unexpectedly.

  5. Never Leave Unattended: Always stay in the room where the candle is burning and never leave it unattended, especially when your baby is nearby.

Choosing baby safe candles

Safe Candle Burning: Is Candle Smoke Toxic? | Find out if it's safe to enjoy fragrance candles around your baby. Useful info for new moms and those searching for baby-safe gift ideas

In a nutshell, you can light candles around your baby if you choose the right ones. Go for candles made from natural stuff, avoid the toxic ones, and always keep an eye on safety!

Grow Fragrance candles are an awesome choice to make your home cozy and baby-friendly. They give you peace of mind, knowing you're creating a lovely environment for your little one, just like we wanted for our own families.

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