How to Make a Scented Wooden Bead Ornament

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This wooden ornament is like a mini diffuser for your tree! It's so simple and beautiful you can hang it on your tree for years to come, plus it smells great.

All you need is:

  • Grow’s Pine Forest Spray (It smells like a real Christmas tree and it’s 100% plant-based)
  • Wooden Beads (We got this pack from Michael’s)
  • String
  • Bag to soak beads


  1. Take about 12 inches of string, create a single loop at the top
  2. String the beads
  3. Tie a simple knot at the bottom
  4. Place it in a bag and spray with Grow, let it soak overnight for the strongest scent
  5. Place on your tree!

When the ornament loses its scent, simply re-scent it with your Grow spray!

It’s so simple, but beautiful and smells amazing!

Pine Forest Air + Fabric Spray

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