FAQ: How long do 100% plant-based scents last compared to a traditional air freshener?

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100% plant based home fragrance

Though Grow Fragrance is stronger and longer lasting than any natural air freshener we’ve ever tested, it doesn’t have the ‘in your face’ strength of the petrochemical-based air fresheners from the grocery store that you may be used to - though no one here seems to mind!

It varies by fragrance

Since each of our scents contains their own unique blend of plant ingredients, there can be natural variations in strength and persistence between fragrances. Our strongest classic scent is Black Currant Rose.

We’ve also heard from our customers that some of our stronger scents include:

How long can I expect my 100% plant based scents to last?

We work hard to create fragrances that linger as long as possible while also ensuring the ingredients are toxin free and 100% plant-based. Our air + fabric fresheners linger for approximately 1-3 hours in the air with slight variations per fragrance. 

The amount used and size of the room also determines how long a scent will last after sprayed (we recommend 2-3 sprays for a bathroom and 5-6 sprays for larger rooms). 

Beautiful 100% plant based scents without the synthetic chemicals 

We do not add any synthetic chemicals to make a scent persist unlike traditional air fresheners due to health concerns surrounding some of those chemicals. Spraying fabrics such as curtains, rugs, pillows, upholstery and linens is a great way to help a scent linger longer!

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