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Your questions, answered! Do you have extra questions about your Grow experience? Want to know more about all of the great things Grow has to offer? We've got you covered!

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Fragrance Returns and Exchanges (Easy & Free!)

Are you having a hard time choosing which scent to buy or don't love the one you choose? Remember that you can purchase or exchange fragrances worry-free! 

We are happy to offer a return or exchange on any product — love it or send it back! Contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

How does the persistence compare to a traditional air freshener?

Our air + fabric fresheners linger for approximately 1-3 hours in the air with slight variations per fragrance. The amount used and size of the room also determines how long a scent will last after sprayed (we recommend 2-3 sprays for a bathroom and 5-6 sprays for larger rooms).

We do not add any synthetic chemicals to make a scent persist unlike traditional air fresheners due to health concerns surrounding some of those chemicals. Spraying fabrics is a great way to help a scent linger longer!

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What does 100% plant-based mean?

We use a test developed by the U.S Department of Agriculture to verify all our ingredients are plant-based, and not petroleum-based like those used in traditional air fresheners.

Aside from being more ecological, we think plant materials smell better! Not surprisingly, there is a depth and sophistication to plant-based materials that is missing in synthetic petrochemical fragrances.

You don’t want to eat artificial flavors; why breathe artificial fragrance?

Is it safe for pets?

We’ve had a veterinarian review our ingredient lists and our products are safe to use in the same household as healthy cats and dogs. We do not recommend spraying directly onto any animals. Smaller pets such as birds and reptiles always require extra caution and we recommend discussing with your vet first for these pets.

Since each animal is unique and precious, we recommend following up with your vet if you have questions about your specific pet. We share our full ingredient list for each fragrance on our website.

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