Easy Hack to Make Your House Smell Amazing

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A fresh smell can totally transform how clean and cozy our homes feel. Think about that satisfying feeling when you step into a room that's not just tidy but also smells wonderfully inviting. Well, here's a super easy hack you should definitely try: it involves your vacuum filter and it'll make your house smell absolutely amazing while you clean!

Easy Vacuum Filter Hack to Make Your House Smell Amazing

Enter Grow's innovative 100% plant-based spray – a simple yet effective solution that adds a delightful aroma to your home while you clean. This easy hack is one of our favorite tried and true ways to use our Grow sprays!

The Magic of Grow's 100% Plant-Based Spray

Grow's plant-based spray is a unique blend of essential oils and natural plant extracts. This thoughtful formulation doesn't just mask odors; it replaces them with an enchanting fragrance that lingers in the air long after you've finished cleaning. What sets this spray apart is its commitment to harnessing the power of nature to enhance your home environment.

Simple Steps to a Fresh Home

Using Grow's plant-based spray is a breeze. Follow these straightforward steps to infuse your cleaning routine with a burst of freshness:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Begin by removing the filter from your vacuum cleaner. This is where the magic of the plant-based spray comes into play, refreshing the filter and subsequently the air in your home.

Step 2: Introduce Grow's Plant-Based Spray

Reach for Grow's 100% plant-based spray, knowing that you're treating your home to an entirely natural experience. Made from a blend of essential oils and plant extracts, the spray is not only effective but also environmentally friendly and safe around kids and pets.

Easy Vacuum Filter Hack to Make Your House Smell Amazing

Step 3: Apply the Spray

Give your vacuum filter a few well-placed spritzes of the plant-based spray. To ensure maximum coverage, hold the spray nozzle close to the filter. This way, you'll maximize the benefits of the spray without wasting any precious drops.

Step 4: Let it Dry

Allow the sprayed filter to air dry before you reinsert it into your vacuum cleaner. This quick drying time ensures that the spray sets in and works its magic effectively.

Easy Vacuum Filter Hack to Make Your House Smell Amazing

Step 5: Enjoy a Fresh Clean

Now that your vacuum is ready to go, proceed with your usual cleaning routine. As you move from room to room, the subtle and invigorating aroma of the plant-based spray will follow, creating an atmosphere that's as clean as it is welcoming.

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Will you try this easy vacuum hack to make your house smell amazing?

Grow's 100% plant-based spray is a game-changer for anyone who values a clean and fragrant living space. By infusing the cleaning process with natural aromas derived from essential oils and plant extracts, this innovative spray takes your routine to the next level.

With simple steps and outstanding results, it's time to embrace a new way of cleaning that not only leaves your home spotless but also fills it with a refreshing ambiance. Experience the magic of Grow's natural spray and reimagine the way you clean your home today. 

Here are some tips to remember

  • This usually works best if you clean your filter before hand and let it dry.
  • Then you only need a few sprays for this to work, you don’t want your filter to be too wet!

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Vacuum Hack Video Instructions

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