Best 4 Non-Toxic Fall Scents for a Cozier Home

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As fall approaches, the spices that are on your dinner table make their way into scented candles and air fresheners in stores. Pumpkin spice candles are basically a requirement this time of year to create all the cozy, autumn feels.

The problem is, of course, when those candles and air fresheners are made with artificial and synthetic fragrances that leave your house more toxic than festive. These non-toxic fall candles and sprays are a heavenly alternative!

Clean scents for all the fall feels.

We are so excited to introduce our Fall line of non-toxic candles and sprays! All of our scents are made from 100% plant-based ingredients and free from parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients. No petroleum-based mineral waxes and no lead wicks.

That means no carcinogens or reproductive toxins. Now that's fragrance you can feel good about!

These 100% plant-based fall candles and sprays will help you create all the cozy vibes without any of the harsh chemicals.

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Ginger Pumpkin Candle & Spray

1. "Ginger Pumpkin Non-Toxic Air Freshener Spray - Fall Scent" 2. "Organic Ginger Pumpkin Room Spray - Aromatic Fall Fragrance" 3. "Ginger Pumpkin Candle - Eco-Friendly Fall Home Scent" 4. "Toxin-Free Ginger Pumpkin Air Freshener - Autumn Aromatherapy"

Ginger Pumpkin is the perfect candle and spray combo to warm your home with a spicy scent that's perfect for the fall. This blend of fresh ginger, toasted pumpkin, fall spices & a touch of vanilla bean will be your favorite way to welcome guests into your home this season.

Both the candle and spray are made with 100% plant-based ingredients without parabens or phthalates (so you don't have to worry about what chemicals you're bringing into your house).

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Pear Cider Candle & Spray

1. "Pear Cider Air Freshener Spray - Non-Toxic Fall Scent" 2. "Pear Cider Candle - Organic Fall Fragrance" 3. "Toxin-Free Pear Cider Home Scent - Autumn Vibes" 4. "Fall-Inspired Pear Cider Aroma - Sustainable Home Fragrance"

Pear Cider is a candle and spray combination that’s sure to delight. The scent of fresh pear cider with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg will leave your home smelling like autumn in the best way possible.

This set comes packaged in eco-friendly packaging and is free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients. Both the Pear Cider candle and spray contain 100% plant-based ingredients and has notes of fresh pear, apple & hints of fall spices.

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Shop the Pear Cider Spray Here

Apple Pomander Spray

1. Apple Pomander Air Freshener Spray - Fall Scent with Fresh Apple Notes 2. Non-Toxic Apple Pomander Candle - Spiced Apple Fragrance for Cozy Vibes 3. Natural Apple Pomander Scent - Autumn Spice Blend for Home Atmosphere 4. Sustainable Apple Pomander Aroma - Organic Fall Fragrance for Relaxation

Crisp apples, fresh oranges and fall spices fuse together to give a new luxury twist to the traditional scents of Fall with Apple Pomander.

It’s toxin free and made of 100% plant-based ingredients so there are no carcinogens or reproductive toxins to worry about! The scent is a blend of fresh apple, orange, cinnamon and clove — a great way to keep your house smelling fresh!

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Woodland Sage Candle & Spray

1. Woodland Sage Scent: Experience the Calm of the Forest 2. Non-Toxic Fall Fragrance: Woodland Sage Aromatherapy 3. Cozy Home Ambiance: Woodland Sage Natural Scent 4. Relaxing Fall Aroma: Woodland Sage Eco-Friendly Option

Introducing our enchanting Woodland Sage scent, the epitome of fall's embrace. Imagine strolling through a serene forest, the gentle rustling of leaves under your feet, a crisp breeze carrying the earthy aroma of sage and eucalyptus.

This fragrance evokes a sense of tranquility and connection to nature, perfect for those who crave the soothing touch of the outdoors even when nestled at home.

If you're drawn to the scent of fresh herbs, open spaces, and the cozy charm of a cabin retreat, Woodland Sage is sure to be your Fall companion.

Shop the Woodland Sage Spray Here Shop the Woodland Sage Candle Here

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Clean homes deserve clean ingredients

We started Grow to create a safer home fragrance option that we felt comfortable using around our own families.

Make new memories with 100% plant based scents you can feel good about!

Fall fragrance you can feel good about

1. "Ginger Pumpkin Non-Toxic Candle: A Cozy Fall Ambiance" 2. "Toxin-Free Ginger Pumpkin Candle: Warm and Inviting Fragrance" 3. "Plant-Based Ginger Pumpkin Scent: Embrace Autumn's Delight" 4. "Healthy Fall Candle: Ginger Pumpkin Aromatherapy for Home"

We hope we've made picking your fall candles and sprays a little easier! As you can see, you don't have to sacrifice scent for a healthier fall; and with the natural ingredients available to us, there is no reason that we ever need to settle.

In fact, maybe you can start a new tradition of enjoying fragrance and high quality in our fall candles and sprays from here on out!

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