5 Sneaky Tricks to Make Your Home Smell Insanely Good Every Day

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Want your home to smell good every day but don't know where to start or it seems like too much of a chore? This post is all about how to habit stack your routine and easily make your house smell good all the time.

Do you ever wished your house could keep that "just cleaned" smell all day long? Me too! That's why I was excited to discover this trick called habit stacking!

Habit stacking is basically taking something you already do every day, like making your bed or folding laundry and adding a new habit you want to do with it (like making your home smell good)!

It's an easy way to incorporate new habits into your already existing daily routines without feeling like a chore. Easy, right?

Here are 5 sneaky ways to use this trick and make your home smell amazing every day:

1. Wake Up to a Fresh Start

We all love that crisp morning feeling, right? After you make your bed, give your pillows and bed sheets a spray with a refreshing Grow Fragrance scent like Golden Grove or Bamboo.

It makes a big difference and sets the perfect mood for a great day.

2. Make Laundry Your Favorite Chore

make your home smell good

This trick has taken one of my least favorite chores and actually made me look forward to it! As you fold your clothes, add a quick spray of your favorite Grow scent. This is where I like to incorporate Grow's limited seasonal scents so I can really enjoy them or a bestseller like Blondewood!

It's a small step that makes a big difference and everyone will be wondering what smells so good!

3. Conquer Your To-Do List

make your home smell good

Studies show certain scents can seriously boost your productivity. Trying spraying your office chair and surrounding areas like curtains and rugs before you get started working or studying. This trick works wonders anywhere you need to concentrate and clear your mind, perfect for study spaces or your home office.

Some of my favorite scents for focus are Woodland Sage or Bamboo.

This has become a favorite little ritual for me and helps me feel energized and ready to tackle my to-do list.

4. The Finishing Touch to Your Cleaning Routine

make your home smell good

Ahhh, there's few things as satisfying as a just cleaned space and I'll do anything I can to keep that feeling going as long as possible.

After you finish wiping down surfaces or vacuuming, spray Grow Fragrance around the room to keep your space smelling fresh.

I also like to spray my trash can after taking out the trash to deodorize!

Scents that have that natural fresh and clean scent are Bamboo, Woodland Sage, and Golden Grove.

5. Unwind with a Relaxing Nighttime Routine

make your home smell good

A relaxing bedtime routine is my key to a good night's sleep. As part of your wind-down routine, try spraying your pillows and sheets before climbing into bed. 

I definitely suggest a calming scent like Lavender Blossom or Blondewood!


This post was all about  how to habit stack your routine and easily make your house smell good all the time.

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