3 Easy Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing for Guests

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Nothing quite says 'welcome' like a fresh space for guests, here's 3 easy ways to prep and make it smell great for them!

  1. Try spraying Grow’s Pine Forest spray on your vacuum filter to freshen the whole house as you clean up (Be sure to let the filter dry before you start vacuuming!) Pine Forest is the perfect scent for the season, it smells like a fresh Christmas tree and it’s so welcoming!
  2. Next prep the bathrooms by spraying hand towels, rugs, and even your shower curtain to keep it smelling fresh 🧼
  3. And lastly, if you have overnight guests freshen your beds by sprinkling baking soda and spraying with Grow, wait for 30 minutes and vacuum it right up 🛏

It’s an easy, toxin free to keep your home smelling amazing this holiday season!

Pine Forest Air + Fabric Spray

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