DIY Natural Car Freshener

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I couldn’t believe how easy this cute natural car freshener is to make! Make your own natural car air freshener using your favorite Grow spray in less than 5 minutes.

All you need is:

  • 🌿 100% Plant Based Grow Air + Fabric Spray
  • 🌿 Wooden Beads (We got this pack from Michael’s)
  • 🌿 String
  • 🌿 Bag to soak beads


  1. Tie a knot in your string and string the beads, tie another knot and loop at the top
  2. Place it in a bag and spray with Grow, let it soak overnight for the strongest scent!
  3. Tie to your mirror and you’re good to go!

When the air freshener loses its scent, simply re-scent it with your favorite Grow spray! Easy, toxin free way to freshen your car 🚗

Lavender Blossom Air + Fabric Spray

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Featured in People Magazine, The Washington Post, and Allure Magazine Featured in People Magazine, The Washington Post, ABC Good Morning America, Forbes, and Allure Magazine

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