3 Reasons Why You Can't Smell Your Candle

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If you can’t smell your candle, don’t throw it out quite yet. Aside from the candle itself, there are also other factors that can prevent you from smelling it! Here's three common reasons you can't smell your candle.

It hasn't been burning long enough

Ideally, the candle should burn for at least two hours. The candle needs a full melt pool to ensure that the aroma is strong enough to travel throughout the room.

Size matters 

Having the right size candle is also important to ensure that your space is well-scented. The smaller the candle, the lighter the scent throw, the bigger the candle the stronger the scent throw! 

For small spaces, we recommend candles ranging from 3.5 oz to 5 oz and for medium size spaces, we recommend 6 oz to 10 oz.

If you can't smell your candle when it's burning in a large open space, try moving it to a smaller space like a bedroom or bathroom to see if that makes a difference. 

You may have become 'nose blind' to the scent

Can you smell the candle now? If so, you’ve probably gotten so used to the scent you can’t smell it anymore.

If you’ve been burning the same candle scent, try burning a different aroma, or leaving the room for 15 to 20 minutes before returning.

We love swapping

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Try Our Refillable & Reusable Candles

As candle lovers, we found ourselves with stacks and stacks of candle containers everywhere and we found ourselves only being able to reuse so many! So the reusable and refillable Grow candle was born. 

Start with our reusable candle vessel and easily swap out scents for each season with the recycled aluminum candle refills!

Why aluminum? It's one of the most recycled materials in the world and often contains the highest percentage of recycled content. Using recycled materials also saves energy. 

Bonus- our candles are made with 100% plant based ingredients that you can feel good about.


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