Lavender Blossom
Hand + Body Soap

$8 / Sold Out

We developed this soap to help increase the supply of personal care & disinfectant products available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our soap is toxin free, made with certified 100% plant-based fragrance and safe for hand + body usage.

Same scent as our Lavender Blossom spray!

Lavender Blossom has notes of lavender, peony & citrus.

  • 2 Bars Per Pack
  • Handmade in Durham, NC
  • Plant-based (99.8%) & free of surfactants and irritants
  • SLS Free

Grow Fragrance is modern home fragrance that is
100% plant-based, toxin free & safe for your home.

100% Plant-based

Smells like nature because it comes from nature — certified 100% plant-based ingredients.

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Ingredient Transparency

To feel good about a product, you need to know what's in it, and what's not.

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Toxin Free

None of the harmful chemicals found in traditional petroleum-based products.

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